Why will You Love Velvet Guild?

You don’t have to commit to hours of sitting down uninterrupted to read. You just need one hour. The episodes are a little over 60 pages and take an hour to read like an episode of your favorite show on Netflix.

In an hour you will be transported into the lives of Aimee, Jagger, James, Zaya, and Asher. You get to see the world through their eyes, as the story is told from each character’s individual perspective. You get to know the inner workings of their minds, their personal struggles and their super hot scenes together.

I strive to create complex characters who you will see evolve over time. Most characters in the BDSM space are one note. The billionaire and the doe eyed protege. While that is the most searched keyword combo in my genre in the amazon kindle store, I have made the conscious decision to avoid it. Characters like that make me roll my eyes a little bit. Give me someone with some depth, with something to overcome, let me hate someone in a book and then let them surprise me. That is my goal when I create a character. We are all layered. Our motivations shift and change and especially when the stakes are high.

It’s been a good fit for me because I write more like a screenwriter than a novelist. I don’t spend paragraphs describing things that don’t matter. I have 12,000 words an episode, so I have little time to mess around with filler like that. My job is to get down to the good stuff as fast as possible and I take that very seriously.

I was also looking for a way to serve the BDSM audience in a lighter way. A lot of time, this genre slides into the slave/master dynamic and becomes very hardcore, bordering on abuse. This is not my thing (but no judgement if it is yours and everything is safe, sane and consensual.) Velvet Guild was not created for that. It’s the B, D, /s without the M. It is not about abusive behavior that is hard to understand why a character would endure such treatment. It is about an intense, shared, consensual experience between the characters and also caters to the curious. Using the ‘tupperware model’ of home demonstration parties was the perfect setting, because it allowed me to introduce beginner concepts, but the main characters are deeper into the practice and so you kind of get the best of both worlds.

If you want super hardcore, Velvet Guild might not be for you. That’s ok. But if you are curious and read 50 Shades and wonder what’s next, I invite you to try an episode. I think I might surprise you.

XOXO Ninya

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