Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Vanilla

Readers are calling Velvet Guild “Hot and Addictive. An Honest Portrayal of the Power Exchange.”

Collection 1: Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4

250 Pages

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay Vanilla.

Contains Episodes 1 2 3 4. Each episode is a kinky escape you can devour in an hour with an ensemble cast of six very unique BDSM enthusiasts. “Realistic BDSM. It’s well-written, fast-paced, and hot. Keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time.” 

You’ll meet Aimee, a middle-aged failure, scraping by month to month, raising a headstrong teenager alone. To make ends meet she creates Velvet Guild, an online forum that teaches willing couples basic BDSM techniques using a house party demonstration format. She’s a submissive in the bedroom, but a fearless entrepreneur outside it and will use every single one of her resources to secure a better life for her daughter Raven.

Her best friend and current Dom is Jagger, a retired special ops military dog handler, and unlikely BDSM 101, instructor. He loves encouraging Aimee’s drive in business, savoring her full submission in the bedroom. Over forty, grey hair and dimples, he knows what he wants and nearly always gets it.

James is a gray hat hacker, a digital Robin Hood, using scammy ways to get his revenge on the wealthy. After nearly collaring Aimee, he’s licking his wounds with other willing partners he finds online.

Asher is a bi-sexual chameleon, who identifies as a switch. He’s an erotic art dealer who is making a name for himself one lavish and lewd acquisition at a time.

Zaya is bi-racial dominatrix, who’s dedication to finding a cure for her brother’s cancer pushed her into a kinky career path all over Europe.

Her sixty-seven-year-old boss Trixie, has her own sketchy past but has risen from the ashes as the owner of Underground Bound, the most sought after dungeon in Frankfurt.

“No Billionaires and Doe-Eyed Dolts. It’s hot with a plot!”  Velvet Guild is a fresh addictive series that explores real-life kink and your next BDSM guilty pleasure.

“The story is ABSOLUTELY believable in this lifestyle. The main characters are real, have flaws, (though fewer than average) and experience emotions/reactions that I can personally relate to.”